Beloved Politicians

Beloved Politicians, Dear Ministers and Delegates!

(Sent to Mr Antonio Guterres and UN, Mrs Ursula von der Leyen and the EU Commission, Mr Jens Stoltenberg and the NATO, Mr Ulf Kristersson at the Swedish Government, ministers, etc.)                              


Hello from a Swedish engineer and mystic who have lived her truth.

We must change to a quantum-holographic worldview!!  We are hurting ourself and the globe beyond return if going on in our materialistic paradigm of secondary truth. Exceeding our money problems. It´s about life continuation of this globe, accepting natural gifts inherent from the First Quantum Energy in us. Latent conciousness, step by step detected and lived.

Now we are at a most certain threshold. Already useing five globes not even an AI-zombification of us would be enough. We are not from materia. All production of the old paradigm is negative, energy speaking!! Equilibrium was passed in the 70th.

We must ask what the major problem is as we seem to give up our gift. Told since ages and today understandable as holography working the quantum physic out, conciousness decoding energy into materia. But we also need to change concretely when needed, i e adopt the Tesla Energy from etage above. Promizing hundred times more. Why this short coming of ours???

Are we blocked cause the need to leave safetyness of an animal group behavior, for the demand of free separate thinking and decision?? Added to a failing communication  from the scientific world. Partly cause of hudge economic retarding powers furthered by the political system. Not least from the economic overemphased democratic interests, and it´s media, for money we never had.   

It is as it is and processes is for growth, but we need to step further when it´s time cause dark interests from abroad try to take over. Materially based holographic algorithms projected on us is their signum, as in AI. AI may be for technics,  but not to conquer the human conciousness!! Why do we give up for materialistic based seondary intelligence to ride us? Holographic manipulations to inhibit our spiritual process? But we only have got what we needed for change, if seeing it positive. Which is necessary if believeing in a dynamic process of the One Lord, the first quantum energy in us.

This disgusting behavior under the skin, in our subconcious, obviously is to block our life process, weakening us into slaves forever. We´re not the first offer, abroad, as here in the thirties-forties, but we for sure have that origin nature of inherent conciousness just to be revealed while still in material life. Just under the surface to hold on to and let flow. To surpass their unfulfilling ideom.

As having met all this story, from the One Godhead forty years ago to the last years threatening, I can tell God is still working through the human. At least necessary enough of quantum energies.

Have written to police and politicians for years, but now is the very last minute. Wars demanding lots of money and production is to be seen as manipulating tools to inhibit further growth. To keep us stuck. No side is unguilty, specially not the West and our money need!  In the future we hopefully will live in full respect and interaction, serving our brother to shine at this fantastic planet.


Absolutely speaking time is not, but Conciousness is! So after chosen , time is ours again. A new wagon! We live in a universal context and we need to take our steps to survive as a spieces. We can!

Further reading, see, specially articles from 2020-22 and the holographic brain from 2020 (end of Universe, conciousness and quantum physic). And the English book from 2018.


With love,  Anita Wingefors 16/10 2023,